Dress Code


What do I need for classes?

 ClothesAs a beginner, you should wear black shorts or fitted yoga pants, short sleeves shirt or a tank top. Please come to class with hair tied back and personal water bottle.   No denim shorts or jeans, long sleeve shirts or baggy clothing because you will need to move freely without restrictions.  

 Shoes: Jazz shoes, soft ballet slipper (if you already own them) or just your socks!   You can bring your shoes to the first class and let the teacher see if they will be appropriate for Irish dancing.   No sneakers please. 

As your child progresses, we encourage students to wear a Rhodes Academy uniform(t-shirt, shorts) and the official Irish soft shoes, Ghillies (girls) and Reel shoes (boys).  These shoes will be required for performances and competitions as well as white "poodle" socks for the girls.  Your teacher will help you when ordering your first pair of shoes. Advanced dancers will be required to purchase Hard shoes.